Leadership is an art and takes a special set of skills and awareness to engage effectively, put it this way when you are a leader you don’t have down day.

This means that others have certain expectations of you, and you need to deliver consistently.

As a leader you will be judged regardless, on results so therefore is not a good idea to learn techniques to have your team and employees pull together and deliver with and for you?

As a leader you must be objective, diligent, interactive, visionary, motivate and a tremendous planner however results are not granted just by this alone if you are an emotional leader, I’m afraid. Put it this way if you have a bad day your team will have a bad week.

Leadership styles are changing as he environment changes, the old “teacup” being thrown and the stick effect is now long gone and outdated, its more about satisfaction, performance and longevity and getting your team to buy into the journey, but this always starts always with you, you are the success barometer.  Are you prepared to do what it takes for the objective, the business, and the team?

You MUST help people feel included, purposeful, engaged, and energetic to fight for the cause, your cause.

Self-servant leaders will be the ultimate team player and have a higher sense of self awareness than others, they will spot a potential situation or opportunity from miles away. The good news is this can be learned, it takes humility and the creation of a cooperative learning culture.

Would you like your employees to do their job better and be the best they can?  Do not tell them, ask them?  It’s got to be worthwhile and progressive and low risk and away from negativity.

This all sounds very practical and simplistic, doesn’t it? So, ask yourself these questions, are your team objectively working to the height of their capabilities for you? Are you working to the best of your capabilities and achieving exceptional results via your leadership?