The first step to personal improvement is to know yourself.  There are many ways of assessing this via benchmarking, At Innermetrix Ireland we help you discover your superpowers.

This is only the starting point though, so what is the next step?

A personal development plan of course.  At Innermetrix we can help you with this and help you be the best version of yourself

So how do you do this and what does this take?  It takes two components to make this all work. These components are attitude and discipline.  It is really identifying, developing, and working your existing strengths better.

Of course, we would need to assess the whole plan diagnostically however here are a few tips to help you along your starting journey.

  1. Every day list your top 3 priorities that have the biggest impact on your day and ensure you achieve these; you must do this with focus or in other words discipline.
  2. Is it really a priority?  Ask yourself a quick question, will it really mater in a years’ time? If the answer is no, it is not an immediate priority is it?
  3. Be hungry to learn or improve one thing each day. If you commit 20 days per month that is 240 improvement learning topics you invest in yourself each year
  4. Choose the right company, who do you admire and why? what do they do different to you? Listen to them closely on how they changed their life. There is an old saying that says you can always tell someone’s character by the company they keep.
  5.  Do not procrastinate. Procrastination is the thief of time or the thief of success. Have you ever heard about the 5 second rule?  Have you ever lay longer than you should have in bed and regretted it?  Try this, make an agreement with yourself let your conscious mind take over your subconscious mind and count down from, 5,4,3,2,1 then GO !! that’s commitment and discipline and will form a good habits every time procrastination creeps in, try it.
  6. Start early every day and try and look after your physical health by exercising some way in the morning. It helps with endorphins, clarity, and energy release throughout the day.
  7. Say thank you, it not only makes the recipient feel valued, it makes you feel better, watch the results follow.