6 Signs It’s Time for A Career Change

1. You’re indifferent and complacent at work.
You’ve checked out; you’re underperforming, your deadlines are slipping, and you just can’t muster the energy to fake enthusiasm about the company’s mission anymore. But this isn’t normally like you. What’s going on?

2. You don’t feel like you’re making an impact.
Your job duties are the same day in and day out. Every day looks and feels identical–you’re simply performing on autopilot. You feel undervalued—like your time and talents are being wasted, and your greatest skills aren’t being put to use. It’s time to find a new role that plays to your strengths, provides opportunities to develop new skills, and allows you to make meaningful contributions. Your career should boost your self-esteem, not diminish it.

3. You dread going to work.
Maybe the project you’re working on just doesn’t excite you, or you’re anxious about a meeting with the boss. But this is different—this is every day. If you find yourself this dissatisfied with your current role, it’s time to think about what other areas of work might better align with your passions.

4. You’re only in it for the Money
While you appreciate the stability your job provides, you’re beginning to feel like you’re wasting your potential.

5. Your job is affecting your personal life.
Work should be challenging, but not debilitating. If you’re chronically exhausted, losing sleep, suffering from headaches, or experiencing other physical symptoms, this may be your body’s way of telling you your career is not right for you.

6. You daydream about a new career.
Would you leave your job “if you could?” If so, it’s time to go.

Finding a career coach or recruitment expert to partner with you is essential for career success.

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