Empowering you and your team to work smarter through harnessing the power of self-awareness and authenticity.

INNERMETRIX benefits to your organisation:

  • Reduced stress levels in the workplace.
  • A more effective and sustainable talent pipeline.
  • Increased profitability, efficiency, and happiness.
  • Better communication at all levels.
  • Reduced staff turnover.
  • Truly useful coaching and training.
  • Recruit the right people at the right time.
Our tools are all designed around maximising your teams’ natural talents. We can accurately profile engagement, motivation, and behaviour using our methodologies. This allows development in a way that guarantees the best possible outcome, increasing self-awareness and authenticity amongst your team.


A company built around making the most of in-house talent start to build teams that are more productive, effective, and happy. We identify and remove the obstacles to progress, allowing your teams to reach their fullest potential.

The Steps We Take


Nice to meet you

The real power of Innermetrix comes from the deeply insightful knowledge we build about your team. This allows us to assess different attributes, such as what motivates different individual’s decision making. We use our tools, such as the Attribute Index, to assess your professional attributes and capabilities.

Our attribute index comprehensively measures 77 business related attributes and skills, making it the most advanced tool of its kind currently on the market. It allows us to highlight any areas where talent could be more effectively utilised, perfectly aligning competences to a role.

The information gathered can then also be used to reinforce positive attributes. Our Career Evolution tool hands power to the individual, ensuring their continued development and growth.


Coaching for success

Coaching is no longer solely for top level executives. The psychological, business, philosophy, and consulting tools used in coaching can have profound benefits for any individual person.

Coaching is specific to the needs of the individual, creating truly useful solutions for their particular situation. Once you have a team of constantly improving happier individuals that are all in the best place for them, your progression and gains become automatic and sustained.

An ethic towards development based on honesty, teamwork, and individual responsibility provides both motivation and support when needed.


Assessment and management

The 77 attributes we measure provide extraordinary insight into the business attributes of an individual. This helps you to initially select the best person for any given role and then continue to develop the person to become increasingly efficient and suited to the role over time.

The Attribute Index is a revelation for increasing efficiency and effectiveness. Its ease of use and business focused design allow managers to assess an individual’s cognitive style in a uniquely powerful way.


Sharpen your recruitment tools

Whether it’s looking at new applicants or assessing current team members, our tools allow you to go deeper during the selection process. Our tools provide far greater confidence in the decision-making process for a task sometimes diluted by the lack of time.

We help create seismic improvements that save time and effort and provide better end results. Creating a solid recruitment strategy based around these principles benefits the bottom line and ensures long-term continued success by laying solid foundations and placing the right person in the right role, leading to a happier team and more efficient and effective business.


Know what you’ve got

Utilising your team to its fullest potential is an impossible task if you don’t truly understand what attributes your team possess. The Team Dynamics solution helps teams become the drivers of business success, creates fundamental cooperation in the workplace and an increased level of understanding at all levels.

You will know the strengths of each individual, what abilities you can tap in to, what environments they perform best in, and all the information you need about hard and soft skills to allow you to use your resources as effectively as possible.


Setting an example for success

The behaviour of the leadership of teams directly impacts the productivity if the team. How you act is witnessed by your colleagues, clients, and peers. We use our Leadership Tools to help you discover the right type of leadership required for the individual Leader, the Team, and the Role.

Some roles require more leadership than management and vice versa and we tailor our tools to provide the best result for the specific role. We can help develop the additional key leadership attributes to increase competence and create better understanding in each area.

How we work with you

A Coach, Consultant or HR Professional

You can participate in a worldwide community of best practice, integrated by complimentary use of support material and meeting facilities. Invitations for a series of Expert Masterclasses.

A Business

Working together to get the best return on your investment of individual and collective time, energy and resources via
· Emotionally intelligent Leadership and Teamwork
· Better results from superior customer interactions
· Improved stakeholder relationships

An Individual

Work with experienced and skilled Certified Innermetrix Consultants who can help you reach your potential. Start with self-awareness and enjoy the journey of discovery.

Meet the team

Deirdre Coghlan-Murray

Managing Director Clark & Executive Coach

Deirdre offers superb ongoing support and development leveraging her 12+ years experience using the IMX suite of tools as an integral part of her Business.

Deirdre holds an MSc in Executive Coaching & Behavioural Change through Henley Business School (Reading University) and is a graduate of Business Management with over 30 years HR, Recruitment & Selection and Coaching experience both nationally and internationally. She is the Managing Director of Clark Recruitment and Clark Executive, a leading HR Service’s company established since 1998.

Her experience spans both global and local organisations with exposure to Multinational Best Practice environments. Her passion for helping people get the best out of themselves is contagious.

Deirdre’s business and coaching practice is based on a strong code of ethics and a belief that coaching is one of the most powerful ways to increase individual and team capacity to learn, to enable change, to generate creativity and to bring about purposeful action and growth.

Allan Miller

MD Innermetrix International

Allan Miller, owner and founder of Innermetrix UK & Managing Director of Innermetrix International, Europe, UAE, Australia, South Africa, India and Indonesia.

Allan has built a network of very talented and successful partnerships across these countries in the last 14 years by running his own consulting & coaching business, with Innermetrix being at the forefront of this journey. He has worked closely with CEO of Innermetrix Inc., Jay Niblick over the last ten years.

Over the years, Allan has become a dynamic Training & Development Consulting specialist, with extensive Management experience working with leading blue-chip Companies, A Certified Professional Behaviour Analyst, A Professional Values analyst, An Attribute Index Analyst, Member of CIPD, and a level 5 coach.

Allan has a history of successful delivery of a wide range of training solutions within blue chip organizations. His ability to communicate effectively at all levels of an organization has been pivotal to success and he is accustomed to working under pressure in demanding situations. Allan is also commercially focussed and aware of the need to balance profitability with customer Loyalty. His success has been generated by a hands-on consultative approach to clients.

Valerie Farrell

Head of Human Resources, Teagasc

Teagasc is a dynamic leading internationally known Irish public-sector organisation engaged in the delivery of agri-food research, agricultural advisory/extension and education services. Teagasc has over 1,100 permanent staff and a further 500 staff hired as contract staff, research fellows and walsh Scholars. The Teagasc annual budget is almost €200m per annum.
As Head of Human Resources I am responsible for provide the organisation with expertise and strategic leadership in the area of people management. This will include championing the realisation of the HR vision for Teagasc through the implementation of ambitious Teagasc HR strategies, including the current People Strategy, which will ensure Teagasc is regarded as an employer of choice.

Mary Jordan

Executive Coach & Career Coach, 14th Lock Coaching Limited

Mary specialises in executive/career coaching and is passionate about helping business professionals create positive change. She’s known for her supportive pragmatic approach, offering resources that prompt reflection and gain deeper insights to sustain change beyond the coaching session. Mary has a successful career as HR leader with a global multinational business and SME’s.

“My clients benefit greatly from the IMX resources because the insights enhances their self-awareness and enables them to gain a better understanding of their motivators, their preferred ways of operating and engaging with others and understand how they make decisions. This information is foundational to supporting the clients coaching journey and as a coach I use this information throughout the coaching program. If the client is a leader of teams the IMX tools can be administered for their team in order to support a wider transformation and learning experience. The support provided by Deirdre Coghlan Murray throughout the accreditation process and afterwards is of the highest quality compared to other psychometric resources that I’ve used and this was a major decision factor in why I’ve chosen to use IMX.”

Kieran Murphy

Leadership Development Facilitator, Wholestory

Kieran’s coaching practice includes supporting leaders, teams and organisations to reflect, reenergise and refocus - so that their organisations have greater impact; their teams are more adaptable, creative and unified; and as leaders they have greater satisfaction and fulfilment in their roles.

'Innermetrix is a great way for leaders to better understand themselves - their style, preferences, motivations and expectations. And with this self-awareness to grow their impact and effectiveness in their role'

Linda O’Neill

Group HR Manager, MJ Flood Group

Linda is the Group HR Manager with the MJ Flood Group, a multi-business group operating in a number of sectors. Linda has used the IMX tools in a wide variety of scenarios, including performance development and coaching, business improvement and organisational change. Linda also lectures on the MBA programme in IT Carlow, developing leaders.

“The CIC training was a thoroughly enjoyable and valuable experience, not only in terms of the knowledge it gave me about the tools, but the supportive learning environment in which to practice.”

Michael Kilcullen

Director, Cú Chulainn Consultancy

Michael is based in Ballina, Co. Mayo. He coaches, mentors and trains with Business Owners/Managers, Regional Support Agencies and private individuals to help increase performance levels. With a practical focus Michael helps clients implement simple yet effective solutions to increase individual and organisational performance and presentation levels.
Michael Kilcullen Business Owner Cú Chulainn Consultancy

“I’ve been using the Innermetrix toolkit for over 10 years and find them to be robust and user-friendly from both a Consultant and clients’ perspective. Incredibly insightful and specific, these tools have helped so many of my clients from increasing their job seeking skills to completing individual and team alignment. I expect to use these tools for many years to come!”

Pauline Donnelly

Career and Life Coach

Pauline is an experienced Operations and People Manager, a Certified Executive Coach, Accredited Time to Think Coach and Certified Innermetrix Consultant. She works as an independent Career and Life Coach who believes passionately in her clients resourcefulness and potential and sees her role as helping her clients unleash that power.

“Completing the IMX advanced Insights profiles training was hugely informative and insightful for me on a personal level and I would highly recommend it. Gaining that level of self-awareness and insight into one-self, benefits both me and my clients. Additionally, being able to offer the most contemporary profiling tool in the market as part of my toolkit, gives me an additional edge and equips clients with the knowledge to get the best out of what they they’ve got. My clients have said about the innermetrix tools “Very Powerful” “Insightful” “The best career and personal development enabler I’ve ever encountered” “

Breda Kelly

HR Manager

Breda joined a leading equine industry organization as HR Manager in September 2019, Prior to this she was a Senior HR Advisor in Kerry Group and HR Advisor at Telefonica (O2 Dublin) with 15 years HR experience. A CIPD member, Breda is a graduate of The National College of Ireland with a degree in Human Resource Management

Breda became an accredited Innermetrix Consultant in January 2020 and says “the benefits of having this accreditation have been an amazing resource over the last year. I utilise the product and tools for an internal education program and it has really changed the dynamic of the program. It gives participants an awareness of themselves ,their teams and has pushed the program to another level.”

John Gorman

Director, Sunflower HR

Sunflower HR support the people agenda in your business. We partner with clients to bring solutions, experience and capability into their business when and as they require. We provides HR services in the area of coaching, management development, performance management, compliance and all aspects of HR.

“As our consultancy business continues to grow, clients are looking for support selecting the right people and also a structured way to enable the development of their existing team members. Innermetrix offers a comprehensive toolkit that is backed up by extensive research, so it became the obvious choice for our business.
The approach to training and accreditation by Allan Miller and Deirdre Coghlan-Murray was simply excellent.

The ease of use and accuracy of the profile makes it easy to support clients and the focus on strengths is a particularly appealing feature of IMX. The feedback from clients is really positive.”

Aidan McCormack

Executive and Career coach, eMotive Consultancy

Having completed the Innermetrix Accreditation training and post training certification webinars, I now use the Innermetrix Assessment tools as an integral part of my Coaching practice.

My experience of this assessment is that it helps my clients to figure out their talents, how to use and improve their application of that talent and what motivates them in doing so. It provides enhanced self-awareness and an excellent pathway to realising their potential.

Through the use of a range of the Innermetrix Assessments including DISC, Values and the very unique Attribute Index as part of feedback and coaching sessions, clients have made substantial progress in achieving their goals in both their personal and working lives.

Denise Brady

Managing Director, Teamworx

Denise is an accredited coach and recruiter with over 18 years experience delivering career coaching, redundancy support and training programmes in a broad range of industries. Denise and her team are dedicated to assisting individuals and companies develop their talent and excel in their careers. They know what it takes to get the competitive edge.

"I completed my IMX Accreditation in 2019 and feel that it has given my business the "extra edge" during these challenging times. I now have a new service offering and suite of coaching tools for both clients and candidates which has added value to my current business. I would highly recommend IMX training for any Coaches, HR personnel or Recruitment agencies in the Irish market."


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