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We pride ourselves on offering world class training and accreditation that can kick start your consulting career or take your existing practice to the next level.

Become a Certified Innermetrix Consultant

More than 2,500 Certified Innermetrix Consultants on five continents have now helped more than 600,000 individuals globally on their journey to reaching their potential.

Certified Innermetrix  Consultants (CIC) have all the knowledge and tools needed to help generate more value for their clients.

As a Certified Innermetrix Consultant, you will optimise solutions:

  • Built specifically for business from a globally recognised organisation.
  • With over 30 validation studies making the IMX tools amongst the most powerful and reliable profiles on the market today.
  • Customisable IMX Profiles that can include a comparison to an organisation’s competency framework.
  • For finding, developing and retaining the very best talent. More than 600,000 people in over 40 countries can’t be wrong.
  • That result in you joining the Global Innermetrix Certified Consultant community of experts.
  • With ongoing access to IMX tools and support from the IMX team.

As part of the Certified Innermetrix Consultant Training, you receive:


The Best

No other training in the marketplace is as comprehensive and provides the same level of support.

Respected & Recognised

The recognition of an internationally respected brand at your disposal.

Complete Package

For executive coaching, business consultation, mentoring, methodologies and consulting tools.

Unmatched backup

A support package and materials to help with marketing and generate sales.


While we are here to support you, you can apply for your own IMX account after training.

Proven in the Market

Proven business consulting tools and processes, as well as educational seminars available.


As our consultancy business continues to grow, clients are looking for support selecting the right people and also a structured way to enable the development of their existing team members. Innermetrix offers a comprehensive toolkit that is backed up by extensive research, so it became the obvious choice for our business. The approach to training and accreditation by Allan Miller and Deirdre Coghlan-Murray was simply excellent.
The ease of use and accuracy of the profile makes it easy to support clients and the focus on strengths is a particularly appealing feature of IMX. The feedback from clients is really positive.

John GormanSunflower HR

My clients benefit greatly from the IMX resources because the insights enhances their self-awareness and enables them to gain a better understanding of their motivators, their preferred ways of operating and engaging with others and understand how they make decisions. This information is foundational to supporting the clients coaching journey and as a coach I use this information throughout the coaching program. If the client is a leader of teams the IMX tools can be administered for their team in order to support a wider transformation and learning experience. The support provided by Deirdre Coghlan Murray throughout the accreditation process and afterwards is of the highest quality compared to other psychometric resources that I’ve used and this was a major decision factor in why I’ve chosen to use IMX.

Mary JordanExecutive Coach & Career Coach

Innermetrix is a great way for leaders to better understand themselves - their style, preferences, motivations and expectations. And with this self-awareness to grow their impact and effectiveness in their role.

Kieran MurphyLeadership Development Facilitator

Having completed the Innermetrix Accreditation training and post training certification webinars, I now use the Innermetrix Assessment tools as an integral part of my Coaching practice.
My experience of this assessment is that it helps my clients to figure out their talents, how to use and improve their application of that talent and what motivates them in doing so. It provides enhanced self-awareness and an excellent pathway to realising their potential.
Through the use of a range of the Innermetrix Assessments including DISC, Values and the very unique Attribute Index as part of feedback and coaching sessions, clients have made substantial progress in achieving their goals in both their personal and working lives.

Aidan McCormackExecutive and Career coach

I’ve been using the Innermetrix toolkit for over 10 years and find them to be robust and user-friendly from both a Consultant and clients’ perspective. Incredibly insightful and specific, these tools have helped so many of my clients from increasing their job seeking skills to completing individual and team alignment. I expect to use these tools for many years to come!

Michael Kilcullen

Completing the IMX advanced Insights profiles training was hugely informative and insightful for me on a personal level and I would highly recommend it. Gaining that level of self-awareness and insight into one-self, benefits both me and my clients. Additionally, being able to offer the most contemporary profiling tool in the market as part of my toolkit, gives me an additional edge and equips clients with the knowledge to get the best out of what they they’ve got. My clients have said about the innermetrix tools “Very Powerful” “Insightful” “The best career and personal development enabler I’ve ever encountered”

Pauline DonnellyCareer and Life Coach

I completed my IMX Accreditation in 2019 and feel that it has given my business the "extra edge" during these challenging times. I now have a new service offering and suite of coaching tools for both clients and candidates which has added value to my current business. I would highly recommend IMX training for any Coaches, HR personnel or Recruitment agencies in the Irish market.

Denise Brady

The CIC training was a thoroughly enjoyable and valuable experience, not only in terms of the knowledge it gave me about the tools, but the supportive learning environment in which to practice.

Linda O’Neill

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